St. Augustine Parking Shouldn’t Take 450 Years - because parking shouldn't take 450 yearsEveryone loves St. Augustine – but they sure don’t love trying to find parking here. Like most people, I’ve been frustrated with St. Augustine Parking from time to time – especially when it feels like it’s taking me 450 years to find a space and get to my destination. 

St. Augustine Parking

St. Augustine Parking is a mix of public, private, and pop-up parking lots. I’ll go into each briefly, but you should check out the rest of this site and links to other sites for more information.

We have some public metered parking in lots and on some streets, as well as a 1,200 vehicle public St. Augustine Historic Downtown Parking Facility (Garage).

But you have to be careful – not all parking lots are public, and some are a mix of public and private – which can charge a much different rate than what it costs in public parking.

If you are coming to St. Augustine during a festival, event, or holiday weekend, some businesses and churches (and homeowners) offer parking on their own lots for cash – usually for $10. (Please note: if you park on street, where it says no parking, you will get a ticket, and you might even get towed.)

During certain holiday weekends or events, satellite parking is offered, with shuttles to the event or beaches. However, that only happens a few times a year. For instance, this summer St. Johns County (the county St. Augustine is located in) is offering a “Reach the Beach” Shuttle for residents during 3 summer weekends/holidays.

Some visitors park in their hotel’s lot, and then rely on the Old Town Trolley Tours or Ripley’s Red Train for getting around town. Be sure to check in with the Trolley driver or Train conductor to make sure you have plenty of time to get back to your hotel, or you will be walking back.

The fancier hotels, like the Hotel Casa Monica offer valet parking; however, valet parking is definitely not the norm for St. Augustine.

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